Michael Siebert


<Ich mag deinen Film, hab ihn mir jetzt 2 mal angesehen.. man spürt deine Leidenschaft, du hast starke Protagonisten, ausgeprägte Ästhetik der Bilder, hast tolle Motive gefunden und eine berührende Geschichte erzählt.> Henning S.

<Vor allem die sinnliche Dimension des Films hat mir gut gefallen, wenn die Körper, deren gegenseitige Erkundung oder auch einfach nur das Sein der Formen das Bild beherrscht... Die Bilder sind sich ihrer Geschichte bewusst, die Geschichte ist sich auch ihrer Bilder bewusst. Letzteres interessiert mich nicht weniger als Ersteres... Die Stärke des Films ist, die Unsicherheiten in den Vordergrund zu rücken, die Welt aus den Fugen zu reißen.> Frederik J.

<I thought your film was really thought provoking and obviously very different to the sorts of films I work on! I liked the way it was directed and shot and your use of camera angles. The sequence where the couple were attacked was particularly chilling as the violence was directed against the woman and not the man as I initially expected. I had an instinct that the main attacked was going to attack the girl but it was still shocking when it happened. Also the fact that these weren’t shaven headed thugs but seemingly well dressed and wealthier men and the almost casual nature of their attack added to the sense of unease. I thought the use of sound and music was good, the fact that you had very little dialogue and the music score was simple and understated. I initially found the pacing a bit slow but then as the story unfolded I could see the point of this, as at first I was trying to work out what the relationship was between the characters. I hope that your film does well in the festivals, especially in the US as it is dealing with a subject that is very contemporary and relevant for all of us in our multi-racial and multi-cultural world.> Lloyd P.